Takk is part of what you treasure, how you thank others, yourself or what nature has to offer. We are a multi-disciplinary design brand that bridges the gap between humans and nature. With an emphasis on natural materials, uncompromising quality and design aesthetics. Our slow goods are inspired by nature, especially by the Nordics.

We know most of us spend a lot of time indoors and it’s easy to get caught in daily routine. With the Takk in- & outdoor goods we want to inspire you to explore more! Slow down, let yourself be surrounded by nature & unwind.

At Takk we care about nature and want you to have a sustainable choice when it comes to our products. That’s why we plant trees from a part of our profit in collaboration with Trees for all.

Takk is founded by Encrite creative studio 

Takk  (zn)

The Nordics


An expression of gratitude / a way to thank someone

Thank you / Thanks